This is the list of us duelists here.


1. Jon Louis De Leon - He is the strongest of us all.He uses 4 Deck, his decks are all strong and all have advantages.

2. Justin Edward De Leon - The second strongest of us all. He uses 5 decks, but the other one is not yet really a deck.

3. Alfsiegfred Razon - He uses 1 deck. He can be stronger than the second strongest if he continues to make that only deck of his stronger

4. Christoper Valeroso - He has 2 deck but only using 1. He always changes his mind about his deck.

5. Joshua Oleta - He uses 1 deck . This guy can't accept defeat, but his deck is just unbelievable

6. Justine Aubrey Dublin - He once used Jaden Yuki's deck (Judai Yuki). But he changes his deck into dark attribute deck.

7. Charlie Valeroso - He is still a weakling. He uses 1 deck. He plans to defeat all of us.

8. Edgardo Ryu Oleta III - He is also a weakling. He uses Harpie deck. But Joshua stole some of his harpie cards.

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